Bridget goals between government, business, and nonprofit sectors around the world.

Bridging goals between government, business, and nonprofit sectors around the world.

Bridge Consulting, B-Corp, is a full-service consulting firm specializing in government relations, corporate social responsibility, and international business development. Joe Miklosi, Founder & CEO of Bridge Consulting, B-Corp., believes that it takes the time, talent, and treasure of all sectors to solve today's most pressing problems.

Government Relations

Political consulting & lobbying

Having spent four years as a Colorado Representative advancing a variety of complex policy issues, Joe Miklosi, Founder and CEO of Bridge Consulting, B-Corp, understands the complicated landscape of international, federal, state, and local governments and how to navigate these bureaucracies for our clients best interests.



With deep experience spanning both private and nonprofit sectors for a variety of multinational clients, we guide brands in developing and maintaining sustainable practices that yield both positive social change and strong ROI.


international business development

Bridge Consulting, B-Corp, has worked in more than 32 developing nations, helping clients create sales and distributions channels, forge partnerships, conduct market research, and drive sales. We also guide non-profit organizations in developing strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnerships and impactful projects with companies in the U.S. and around the world.

Miklosi’s professional background in government & politics, technology, and domestic & international nonprofit communities uniquely qualifies him to create public-private partnerships with leaders from multiple sectors to achieve a common goal.
— Lori Vaclavik, Executive Director, Bridge of Life